Tutorial Schedule

Date: Wednesday 7 Dec 2022, Thursday 8 December 2022

T1 (Wednesday 7 Dec, Morning & Afternoon): Meaning Representations for Natural Languages: Design, Models and Applications

Jeffrey Flanigan, Ishan Jindal, Yunyao Li, Tim O’Gorman, Martha Palmer

T2 (Wednesday 7 Dec, Morning): Arabic Natural Language Processing

Nizar Habash

T3 (Wednesday 7 Dec, Afternoon): Emergent Language-Based Coordination In Deep Multi-Agent Systems

Marco Baroni, Roberto Dessi, Angeliki Lazaridou

T4 (Thursday 8 December, Morning): Tutorial on Causal Inference for Natural Language Processing

Zhijing Jin, Amir Feder, Kun Zhang

T5 (Thursday 8 December, Morning): Modular and Parameter-Efficient Fine-Tuning for NLP Models

Sebastian Ruder, Jonas Pfeiffer, Ivan Vulic

T6 Thursday 8 December, Afternoon): Non-Autoregressive Models for Fast Sequence Generation

Yang Feng, Chenze Shao